Home Insurance in Texas

Owning a home is an expensive process; it is not only one of the largest investments people make financially, but it is also an emotional investment. Home insurance is a unique type of property insurance that covers your home from unfortunate accidents, damage perils, and theft. Protecting your investment is very important to us. At Transparity Financial Services in Sugar Land, Texas, we offer home insurance that covers you and your peace of mind. Our insurance covers loss of personal belongings, liability, temporary housing, and valuables.

Personal belongings

This covers the cost of replacing personal belongings if they are damaged or stolen. The unexpected can occur and destroy your house, but we are prepared to protect your investments. Loss or damage resulting from natural calamities are covered, as well as anti-social acts such as vandalism. The cost of repair will be covered, as well as the cost of rebuilding your house and other structures in your compound like fences and sheds.


In the event, a guest is injured while at your home, the medical expenses will be covered. A guest can also have their property damaged at your home, the liability resulting from such an event is covered. If they decide to sue you, court expenses will also be covered.

Temporary housing

Sometimes the damage to your home can be more than what allows you to continue staying in the house. At such a time you will need a place to stay while repairs are being done to your home, thus hotel and other expenses will be covered.


Some items like fine art, portraits, and jewelry are extremely expensive. When purchasing a home insurance policy, we can make sure they are sufficiently covered.

Because some financiers prefer customers who have insured their home, having a home insurance policy often makes it easier to get a house loan from banks.

At Transparity Financial Services, in Sugar Land, Texas, we offer policies with a wide range of coverage dependent on individual needs. Visit us or call us and we will have your home protected.