RV Insurance in Texas

Traveling by or living in an RV is a freeing way of life. You can move to another area easily and never have to worry about finding hotels when you're on the road. However, these homes on wheels need complete insurance coverage to protect you, your family, the RV, and the contents inside. This isn't something you should leave to chance or let other people handle. Get full coverage and rest easy with RV insurance from Transparity Financial Services in Sugar Land, TX.

When You Need RV Insurance

Most states require motorhome-type RVs to have separate insurance. In other words, your car insurance won't cover these vehicles that you can drive yourself. Trailers that are towed are a different story; these may be covered by your regular Texas car insurance because they are accessories for your regular car, pickup, or SUV. However, never assume -- check first because you may find an RV policy offers better coverage.

Don't assume that if you're just living in the RV and not actually driving it that you don't need RV insurance. In Texas, it's always a good idea to insure your property, mobile or not.

Your Own Policy vs. a Lender Policy

If you're financing your RV, the lender will want you to have insurance -- and if you don't get your own, the lender will give you a policy. That sounds convenient at first, but it often means that you'll pay higher premiums for less coverage, and you may still have to seek out a separate policy to cover liability.

Rather than leaving things to chance and letting a lender choose your coverage, contact Transparity Financial Services in Sugar Land, TX. Get complete coverage that protects you and your RV in case of an accident or other adverse event. Get that safety net in place fast so you can enjoy your trips around the country.