Flood Insurance in Texas

Flooding is a natural disaster that, as you well know, can cause a lot of damage. Having flood insurance allows you to rapidly get back on your feet after such an unavoidable disaster occurs. Flood insurance is not required in many areas, including Sugar Land, TX, due to a low risk of flooding. However, if there are rivers, lakes or bodies of water near the home, there is always a chance that flooding may occur.

Why Flood Insurance Is Needed

A normal homeowner’s insurance policy won’t cover flood damage. Therefore, if you live in one of the communities of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP,) getting flood insurance will allow you to get back on your feet after the water recedes and the real trouble begins. It is important to know the many risks of flooding. FEMA produces analysis that shows historical flooding information, but even homes that are not in a floodplain could still experience flooding. For those homes that are not in a mapped 1% floodplain, flood insurance is generally relatively inexpensive.

How to Get Flood Insurance in Texas

Flood insurance needs to be purchased separately in addition to your current homeowner’s insurance policy. The federal government backs flood insurance, but it’s sold through private insurance companies such as Transparity Financial Services.

Things to Keep in Mind for Flood Insurance

Most flood insurance policies in Texas have a 30-day waiting period before the policy kicks in. Consequently, you will not be able to get flood insurance if there is a big storm approaching or record amounts of rain in the forecast. You must get flood insurance before you are in need of it. If you purchased insurance to get a mortgage or home improvement loan, it may cover the structure but not your belongings. Make sure you speak with an agent to understand what is being covered. Keep in mind, your flood insurance policy must be renewed every year.

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