Condo Insurance in Texas

Sugar Land, TX is an affluent community, considered one of the fastest-growing cities in Texas. Between 2000 and 2010 the population of Sugar Land, TX grew a remarkable 158 percent. If you live or work in or around Sugar Land, TX, Transparity Financial Services will provide a translucent experience when purchasing personal or commercial lines of insurance, and when processing related claims.

Transparity Financial Services meets their company objectives by offering:

  • Transparency for those insured by them
  • Unrivaled Customer Service
  • Assurance that each policy meets their customer's needs
  • A protocol that compares policies to offer the most effective option

Condominium Insurance - A Simplified Approach

Condominium insurance insures a condominium unit owner's property. As an insurance tool, a condo insurance policy's primary purpose resembles that of its distant cousin – The Renter’s Insurance Policy.

Condo insurance only offers coverage for a condominium unit’s interior and/or personal property. Coverage includes:

The building's physical structure and common areas are covered by the commercial policy carried by the condominium's Homeowners Association (HOA). To minimize each unit owner's risk, all unit-owners are advised to examine their HOA’s insurance policy to determine risks left uncovered.

When would Condo Insurance be required?

  • When an injury to a resident or guest in your home occurs
  • There’s damage to the interior of the unit
  • Property has been stolen
  • When damage exceeds the HOA’s policy limits
  • The unit is uninhabitable because of damage not covered by your policy

Conversely, the HOA’s Policy covers:

  • The building's exterior
  • Damage to common areas and shared amenities
  • Injuries guests sustain in common areas

Ready to find a home insurance provider in the great state of Texas? Remember to consider both cost and customer service during your search. Transparity Financial Services strives to provide an experience that is not only convenient and customer oriented but satisfyingly cost efficient.